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How It Works

First, we shall talk.  We need to better understand your idea, business or startup no matter what stage it’s at.


Start by requesting a complimentary consultation from us.


We love hearing about interesting new business concepts from passionate entrepreneurs and artists.  Be sure to tell us why you are doing what you are doing, what motivates your team and how you see us being able to help you.


Years of Experience


Industries Reached


Consultation Hours


Ideas Realized

Our clients fall into three categories:


1. Aspiring entrepreneurs and small, bootstrapped startups. These clients are the closest to our hearts because these are often where we can have the biggest impact and help the most.  We know what it’s like being out there alone and feeling overwhelmed.


“How to I sell my products? Is my idea valid to pursue?  Which market should I target next?  What is my target market?”


We love these clients that embody the spirit of risk-taking and trying to build something for themselves, and in that spirit, when we work with these clients, we’ll structure a unique payment plan as part cash and part equity and/or revenue share based on sales. This can be great for clients without a lot of money to spend, and it can be great for us if the investment pays off.  If we love what you’re working on, if we know that it’s one-of-a-kind and it’ll captivate the world, and we like who’s behind it, we’ll work with you as an investment, in exchange for your trust in our services, a little bit of cash, and a lot of mutual benefits. Let’s say services for these sorts of projects cost (in cash) the least, as we know you are working on a budget.


2. Reasonably well-funded startups. These make up the bulk of our clients. They’ve got the interest of some people with money to invest, they believe that their startup is going to be a lot bigger than it is now, and they’re happy to put some money into validate their idea and review market opportunities to get it right. When we work with these clients, we often work with some type of equity based/revenue share scheme if they are on a budget, or at a reasonable fee for our services depending on the input required from us.


3. Big corporations. These projects can be interesting because there are resources to bring ideas to market rapidly — to make things look amazing, without squeezing the rates of the many talented people who work with us, and because big companies have been known to innovate just as well as smaller, more agile ones.  So we will work with their team to refine new business models and niche markets they can tap into by fully utilizing all their power in a new harnessed way.

We’re here to work with innovative visionaries.