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How to Start a Startup in Dubai? (2020 Updated)

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With the World Expo being held in Dubai this year, Expo 2020, there is an increasing number of startup-friendly options for setting up a business within the UAE and Dubai.  From grant programs that enable new ideas to be piloted or acceleration programs that enable foreign startups to partner with UAE partner institutions and companies to bring new ideas to life.

Even in terms of costs, there are many cost-effective ways to set up a tech startup within the UAE today, as opposed to a few years back.  There are various grant initiatives by public and private entities as well as more flexible licensing options from the entities such as in5, Astrolabs & ADGM (in Abu Dhabi).

These friendlier licensing options in the UAE, is also coupled with banks offering more startup-friendly options such as Emirates NBD’s Expo 2020 Business banking account which is actually one of the lowest minimum capital requirements by such a large institution in the UAE. 

All this in a bid to attract talent and startups from around the world.  Whether you are looking to bring your innovative idea to life or just bring it from abroad to the UAE, we can advise you on the best to do it.  We aren’t a company registration company (we can just point out what we have seen our clients and partners have done over the last decade), we are your venture partners to bring new ideas to market.

Learn more about our startup services and what we do.  So whenever you are ready to unleash your next great idea, get in touch with us.

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