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How to Start a Startup in Dubai?

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This is a question we are often asked this question or some variation of it, ‘how to start a startup in Abu Dhabi?’, ‘how to start a startup in the UAE?’, etc… substitute ‘x’ place for any number of places, specifically in the GCC – MENA region, things might not be as straight forward or clear, but it’s actually not as complicated people like to make it seem.


With the latest initiatives by both public and private organizations to ignite the innovative entrepreneurial spirit within the UAE, it’s almost never been easier to start a startup and it’s only getting easier as more pro-innovation initiatives are launched by the government.  Entrepreneurial ventures empowers the residents and citizens to solve problems that they experience.


There are many incubation spaces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi now to help you get your startup off the ground.  Some even offer Seed Funding under an Acceleration program.  There are many ways to go about it (legally!), so just get in touch with us and we’ll point you in the right direction to getting your ideas out there.

We can advise you on the best way to take your idea to an actual working concept, without spending so much on actually company registration right away.  Test your idea with a prototype and see if the market is ready for your next big idea!


Learn more about our startup services and what we do.  When you are ready to unleash your next great idea, get in touch with us.

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