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What is Power of Art?

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When we decided to offer our consultancy services to startups we wanted to offer an approach, we as seasoned-entrepreneurs, that is needed by all startups and new entrepreneurs starting new ventures.  It’s not about just giving advise, like reading the “Top 10 Rules for Startups to Follow” or “How to Grow A Startup in These Ways”… there is no one cookie cutter solution for startups, so it doesn’t make sense to preach and advise the same.

We wanted to offer an intensive service where we engage in idea and business model review and generation for our clients.  We will do market research and evaluation about feasibility of the idea in the market and for the cases where it is a completely brand new idea with no current market, we will engage in Idea Validation exercises to best outline the growth potential of the business.

We also understand startups and entrepreneurs at times are bootstrappers, so we work with startups in anyway we can to provide the same level of service but also get involved in a greater way, and that is up to the entrepreneur and startup to decide if they have the cash to invest in this sort of strategic planning or would rather come up with a sales based deal or even equity based where we will be involved in the business in a more hands-on approach so it’s truly in our benefit for it to succeed and we don’t just give advise that seems good on paper but doesn’t work when it hits the market.

At Power of Art, we believe that there is an art to doing a startup and an art to how we conduct and go about our lives.  It’s not a simple 9-5 job our brains shut off when we go home, a startup is an entrepreneur’s baby and therefore it is always on the parents mind.  We just want to be there for those first time parents to take care of their baby and see it grow and achieve it’s true potential.

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