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Our Services

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Market Research & Validation

Whether you call it brainstorming or inspiration hunting, we know how to methodologically look for ideas and inspirations with a proven formula.  We assess the markets, horizontal and vertical integrations, to see how can you build upon your product or venture.  At times, you’re not sure if an idea is refined enough, so we’ll help you get it right.

Assess The Market

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a concept to brings design competencies to a business and idea.  It Thinking allows organizations to move away from a narrow technical and business only perspective to a truly interdisciplinary and collaborative culture of thinking and making. Power of Art assists clients in bringing these disciplines together to collaboratively find solutions within a highly complex and multilayered system of business, technical, and human context to ultimately result in products that humans need, desire and are happy to make part of their lives.

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Innovation Consulting

Our team works with entrepreneurs, startups and corporations to develop innovation solutions to implement as well as delivering innovation process thinking workshops for your internal teams to constantly innovate.  Whether it’s an innovation-for-hire scenario to introduce a new PR/Feature friendly solution or a longer term cultural innovation thinking in your organization, we are here to help.

Our Innovation Consulting Services

Design Sprinting

Design Sprinting is a technique invented by Google Ventures which utilizes design thinking in a 5 phase system.   It’s aim is to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing products to market.  Integrating design sprints and design thinking into the product development process keeps you aligned with your goals, and helps us invest your time and money wisely.

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Legitimize.me™ is a program we developed to help young startups establish themselves in the market and position their brand as a legitimate entity.  Our advisors and mentors have been through the rigors of a startup and making the market understand that you are a legitimate entity, it’s just that you are ‘new’ and don’t have the reputation of others who’ve been around longer.  This program helps the little guy even the playing field through a series of tried and tested strategies.  We’ll evaluate what you are doing and how you are presenting yourself and will give custom solutions that align with your brand.

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You have limited resources and need to make the most out of everything you have.  Whether you bootstrapped, seed funded or angel-backed, you always want to make sure you are making the most of the funds you have.  Let our experts help your idea get the most out of it’s limited resources.  We will evaluate, review and recommend improvements on how to achieve what you want.  Whether it’s R&D, technology related or human resource related, we’ll make sure the systems in place achieve the most optimum results that ensure efficiency in your organization.

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The Art of the Pitch

You might have a prototype ready, your business model fully refined and just need to raise some additional capital for that final push to dominate the market, but getting the right investors to back you takes more than just an amazing product and team, it’s about presenting the amazing product and team successfully.  It would be a shame to not get the funding because your one shot at presenting wasn’t pitched correctly!

Pitch Perfectly