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What is a MVP?

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In the world of product development, a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) refers to a product with the bare minimum features needed to validate and evaluate a product and it's continued development.   Often at times a MVP allows something to built within a short time-frame to better...

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What About My Budget?

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Often we are asked, "what can we do with $100,000 in funding?" or basically, what can be done with 'x' amount of money raised? But honestly, the best ideas are not to frame our goals around budgets.  When we constrain ourselves to thinking within a budget,...

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What is Power of Art?

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When we decided to offer our consultancy services to startups we wanted to offer an approach, we as seasoned-entrepreneurs, that is needed by all startups and new entrepreneurs starting new ventures.  It's not about just giving advise, like reading the "Top 10 Rules for Startups to...

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