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Future Trends

Outlook on Future Trends

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We've spent some time lately looking at the various future trends coming and created a dynamic visualization of the data we could find from various reputable sources and white papers.   We explore what Governance, Public Services, Demographics, Transport & Cities, Economics, Industry, Crime & Security, AI...

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Design Thinking with IDEO

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Our Managing Partner, Mehrad, had the pleasure to host IDEO’s team in our offices.  They were on assignment from the UAE to give them a brief on the UAE startup ecosystem and to discuss various solutions to potential grand challenges faced by the government. There was great...

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MBA Student Visit

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Our Managing Partner, Mehrad, had the pleasure to meet with MBA students visiting from visiting from D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University in the United States. He had a chance to share insights into the UAE startup ecosystem and engage in some interesting discussions with the students &...

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Advisory & Gratitude

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Shortly after our team was mentoring at Step Conference, we received an email from one of the non-Dubai based entrepreneurs we advised at the event.   Even though they were based elsewhere and currently were not in a position for our further assistance, they were grateful for...

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Step Conference 2018

Step Conference 2018 Mentors

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We are glad to announce that our team of experts will be on hand at the Step 2018 Conference offering mentorship to startups and entrepreneurs attending. Our Managing Partner, Mehrad, will be participating in 1-on-1 Mentorship sessions for Step X, which focuses on future technology including smart...

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